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Usage Policy for "Real Estate Firms"

Effective Date |

January 1, 2020

1. Ownership and Copyright


As an architectural photographer, I retain all rights, including copyrights, to all my work. This includes but is not limited to photographs, videos, and any other content I create. 

2. Unauthorized Use


Using my content for commercial purposes, including but not limited to real estate listings, without my explicit permission is a violation of copyright law. This applies even if the content is received via third parties, including my clients. 

3. Legal Action


Any unauthorized use of my content will be considered copyright infringement and will be subject to legal action. This may occur with or without prior notice to the infringing party. 

4. Licensing for Use


Real estate firms wishing to use my content must purchase a usage license directly from me. This license grants specific rights to use the content as agreed upon and does not transfer ownership or copyright. 

Please contact me to discuss licensing options and obtain permission for any intended use of my work. Thank you for respecting my rights and the integrity of my creations.

Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns

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